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  • From the Orphic texts to the Homeric Epics and to the Dramatic Poetry: The appearance of the Reasonable Man

    Logos is the most important requested thing, because this is the internal joint which unites beings and their evolution. We think of Logos as a gnosiological and not ontologiacal factor. We are making mention of Logos as a real process and not as a simple manner, because we believe that human Logos could be known by the man of thought and action.

  • International Anarchy Reconsidered: Hobbes and International Relations

    Open Access by Konstantinos Balatsos, Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, University of Crete. Dia-noesis: A Journal of Philosophy 2022, 13 Published: 15 January 2023 (Download here) Cite: AMA Style: Balatsos, K. International Anarchy Reconsidered: […]

  • The role of school leadership in relation to conflict management at school.

    The role of the manager is decisive in terms of the effective or non-effective management of conflicts, as through the techniques he chooses to use and many times through the leadership style he chooses to apply, he will influence the attitudes and perceptions of teachers towards disagreements and consequent conflicts.

  • The Buddhist Philosophy: A brief Study

    The History is well-known to Lord Buddha as Gautama Buddha, Buddha Śākyamuni, Sidhārtha Gautama, and who was born in Lumbini in the Nepalese region of the near Indian border. He was the man of Asian thinkers and was a religious master of all time. His vast contributions to the field of Philosophy, metaphysics, and epistemology highlight Indian history and spiritual paths more and more.

  • Alasdair Macintyre: A Critic Of Modernity

    The article provides an account of some aspects of Alasdair MacIntyre’s moral and political critique of liberal modernity. It reconstructs major concepts of his moral theory, i.e. his concept of the virtues, of a ‘practice’, of a ‘narrative unity of a human life’, of ‘external’ and ‘internal’ goods, and of a moral ‘tradition’. It then gives an account of his project of a politics of local community.